152 Commits (sr4)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  neporood ada82e433b Update gapps to Android 11.0.0 (P5 - RQ1A.210105.003) 1 month ago
  ezio84 5e5ca7db0b Update gapps to Android 11.0.0 (P5 - RQ1A.201205.011) 2 months ago
  ezio84 0749511cd3 Add Android Auto stub package 3 months ago
  ezio84 76edd4558c Update gapps from Pixel 5 (redfin) 3 months ago
  neporood c876e1b4db du -> scorpion 4 months ago
  Jason Edson 8c46f70441 Adjust system_ext privapp perms to include gapps 4 months ago
  Josh Chasky db393b46c9 Update gapps to Android 11.0.0 (P4XL - RP1A.201005.004) 4 months ago
  Josh Chasky 871e114c81 Move PixelSetupWizardOverlay to /system_ext 5 months ago
  Josh Chasky f9716bd21b Fix up minor derps and include proper revisions of apps 5 months ago
  Josh Chasky 72e2631b23 Move makefile to proper location to fix issue with PrebuiltGmsCore 5 months ago
  Josh Chasky 32d153a74b Add Pixel Launcher to gapps 5 months ago
  Josh Chasky c1c7a83a22 Add support in for GoogleExtShared and GooglePrintRecommendationService 5 months ago
  Josh Chasky f2d1ae35b5 Make sure Pixel 3/3XL can access their wallpaper library 5 months ago
  Josh Chasky 1e473e7d96 Update gapps for R! 5 months ago
  Josh Chasky 803ca0deb7 Add support for Lavender 6 months ago
  Josh Chasky f8682b0f0b Add support for Sunfish 6 months ago
  Josh Chasky 25f8804495 Add support for River 6 months ago
  Josh Chasky 8a99ed7898 Only allow Pixels to use Pixel Setup Wizard 6 months ago
  Josh Chasky f3b8d9c193 Add support for Lake 6 months ago
  ezio84 b51cdd155d Set Device Personalization Services as default ContentCaptureService 7 months ago
  ezio84 7dc2d16b2b Add missing prebuilt dialer DND config 1 year ago
  shagbag913 cd37c77e21 Use GoogleWebView prebuilt instead of AOSP webview 1 year ago
  Josh Chasky 57ef062302 Add Wallpapers 2019 library 7 months ago
  Josh Chasky f3f4e95a91 Remove Marlin from Google Camera filter 7 months ago
  Josh Chasky 44bf2dedb5 Add missing srec binaries 8 months ago
  Josh Chasky 1cab906dcf Add Google Assistant prop 8 months ago
  Josh Chasky 0495ff1514 This is a test 9 months ago
  Josh Chasky 6eee859393 Update gapps to June '20 from Pixel 4 XL (coral) 9 months ago
  Josh Chasky ce95decc79 Update gapps to QQ2A.200405.005 (P4XL/Coral - April 2020) 11 months ago
  Josh Chasky 71adc71f60 Update gapps to March '20 (Coral - P4XL release) 1 year ago
  Josh Chasky f24f0d892e Make more content conditional for WiFi only devices 1 year ago
  shagbag913 9c41338c14 Fix typo in augmented autofill service overlay 1 year ago
  spaceman860 5b6a61c808 Remove live wallpaper xml 1 year ago
  ezio84 76045ab80e Add pixel 4 live wallpapers 1 year ago
  Josh Chasky 9657783e56 Remove Gboard 1 year ago
  Josh Chasky 547fd24386 Add support for Potter 1 year ago
  ZVNexus 112869a045
Add support for OnePlus 3/T 1 year ago
  shagbag913 2766658f13 PixelSetupWizardOverlay: Conditionalize AOD & Soli hints for all targets 1 year ago
  shagbag913 81393b6303 PixelSetupWizardOverlay: Don't set LOCAL_RRO_THEME 1 year ago
  Josh Chasky de5f81a76e Update gapps from Pixel 4 XL (Coral) December 2019 1 year ago
  ZVNexus c81ef195a9
Add the Pixel 3a to the PixelSetupWizardOverlay. 1 year ago
  Josh Chasky 0c7d49d609 Conditionalize gesture opt-in for SetupWizard 1 year ago
  Josh Chasky 492679c02f Re-add offline speech recognition files 1 year ago
  Surge Raval 087269fb23 add WellBeing back and make it update through playstore 1 year ago
  Josh Chasky 377ce3c968 Add conditional NgaResources for Pixel 4 1 year ago
  ezio84 0c28f5632e Add Google Dialer prof symlink 1 year ago
  Josh Chasky 75146d6970 Trim the fat 1 year ago
  shagbag913 12b92b6aad Update gapps to P4XL (Coral) QD1A.190821.011.C4 1 year ago
  shagbag913 4b266bfc39 Fix typo in caption service overlay 1 year ago
  razorloves 0cf8e3358e Add appsAuthorizedForSharedAccounts overlay for vending app 1 year ago