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Alexander Koskovich 64aebf4e58 fastboot: Skip super partition update on devices with dynamic prebuilt images. 6 months ago
adb adb: host: Provide better sideload status 1 year ago
base Fix leak of mapped zip central directories 1 year ago
bootstat Report non-empty system boot reason when bootloader reason is empty 1 year ago
code_coverage configs for jailed procs to dump code coverage data 11 months ago
cpio Switch from dist-for-goals to dist in Android.bp 2 years ago
debuggerd Increase timeouts. 11 months ago
demangle Build adbd for recovery 2 years ago
deprecated-adf adf: rename. 1 year ago
diagnose_usb Build adbd for recovery 2 years ago
fastboot fastboot: Skip super partition update on devices with dynamic prebuilt images. 6 months ago
fs_mgr Allowing R and S developer GSI for DSU 11 months ago
gatekeeperd [automerger] Fix a memory leak in gatekeeper. am: 6a9c4e7968 am: bdc924f31d am: 7535975701 am: e126026c02 am: 4ae4ad8e5b am: b25983460c am: 20e73e23c4 am: ca662c7118 1 year ago
healthd healthd: Add DASH charger type 1 year ago
include Move android_filesystem_config.h => fs_config.h 3 years ago
init Store crashing process name in sysprop 1 year ago
janitors Add the two best build system janitors. 1 year ago
libappfuse Merge "Close /dev/fuse FD before calling onClosed" into qt-dev 1 year ago
libasyncio Revert "Mark libs as double_loadable" 1 year ago
libbacktrace Fix pc/function name for signal handler frame. 1 year ago
libbinderwrapper Make libbinderwrapper available in /vendor partition 2 years ago
libcrypto_utils Convert more modules to Android.bp 2 years ago
libcutils Moving /odm/build.prop to /odm/etc/buid.prop 1 year ago
libdiskconfig Rename target.linux[_x86[_64]] to target.linux_glibc[_x86[_64]] 3 years ago
libgrallocusage Merge "Build both static and shared lib." 2 years ago
libion libion: cleanup logging 2 years ago
libkeyutils Initialize fs-verity keys in shell script 1 year ago
liblog Merge "Version liblog LL-NDK library" 1 year ago
libmeminfo Merge "VtsKernelMemInfoTest: only enforce on Q+ launching devices" into qt-dev 1 year ago
libmemtrack Revert "Mark libs as double_loadable" 1 year ago
libmemunreachable libhwbinder users use libhidlbase 1 year ago
libmetricslogger Merge "Remove libmetricslogger_static" am: 6d7c8fcc92 2 years ago
libnativebridge Update OWNERS for libnativebridge 1 year ago
libnativeloader Nativeloader: Restrict anonymous namespace creation 1 year ago
libnetutils Refactor OWNERS files for Android Core Networking 1 year ago
libpackagelistparser Add versionCode parser for package list. 1 year ago
libpixelflinger Mark gglMulx and gglMulAddx as always_inline 1 year ago
libprocessgroup Fix IsUsable to check for each controller separately 1 year ago
libprocinfo Merge "Revert "Mark libs as double_loadable"" 1 year ago
libqtaguid Redirect qtaguid native call to netd fwmark client 3 years ago
libsparse Convert file to Android.bp 2 years ago
libstats Increase the SO_SNDBUF for statsd socket. 1 year ago
libsuspend Remove libsuspend from VNDK. 2 years ago
libsync Merge libsync_recovery rules into libsync. 2 years ago
libsystem Merge "Freshen libsystem/OWNERS" am: 3dbdf65afc am: 20ee5af257 1 year ago
libsysutils Make the SocketListener control pipe O_CLOEXEC. 1 year ago
libunwindstack Ignore memory from elf on /memfd: 1 year ago
libusbhost Revert "Mark libs as double_loadable" 1 year ago
libutils FlattenableUtils::align memsets 1 year ago
libvndksupport Add dependency on libdl_android 1 year ago
libziparchive update powerof2 and use it unconditionally 1 year ago
llkd llkd: do not call sync() 2 years ago
lmkd lmkd: Prevent non-main threads being registered or killed by lmkd 1 year ago
logcat logcat: Map '-C' to 'logcat -v color' 1 year ago
logd Avoid get same timestamps in log testcase 1 year ago
logwrapper Build adbd for recovery 2 years ago
mkbootimg mkbootimg: print addresses and offsets in hex 1 year ago
property_service Add cpu-set properties to serializer test 10 months ago
qemu_pipe Build adbd for recovery 2 years ago
reboot reboot: only pause indefinitely for non-shutdown operations 3 years ago
rootdir Adding new GSI public keys 11 months ago
run-as run-as: improve diagnostics on failure. 1 year ago
sdcard Reland "Revert "rootdir / sdcard : Stop creating /data/media/obb."" 1 year ago
shell_and_utilities introduce auditctl and use it to configure SELinux throttling 1 year ago
storaged Remove liblog's rate limiting 2 years ago
toolbox grep: fix ASan heap-buffer-overflow. 1 year ago
trusty Add support for RPMB over VirtIO Serial 1 year ago
usbd usbd: Exit in case of charger mode. 1 year ago
watchdogd Move watchdogd out of init 2 years ago
.clang-format Add a 2 width option of clang format. 3 years ago
.clang-format-2 Move clang-formats to build. 2 years ago
.clang-format-4 Move clang-formats to build. 2 years ago
.gitignore Ignore adb/*.pyc files 5 years ago
Android.bp Export android_filesystem_config.h as a filegroup 4 years ago healthd: charger uses shared libraries. 1 year ago
MODULE_LICENSE_APACHE2 auto import from //depot/cupcake/@135843 7 years ago
NOTICE Fix omission in NOTICE file. 7 years ago
OWNERS Move per-file OWNERS directives to their directories. 2 years ago
PREUPLOAD.cfg Add a PREUPLOAD.cfg file to run git-clang-format on every commit 3 years ago
TEST_MAPPING Add presubmit test for vendor overlay 1 year ago